Design Process Color Scheme

Color Scheme
Color Scheme is totally depends upon branding value of business deal done by client. If client wants to have same branding values of colors which has been used on their products then we study colors present on their business products. And we create custom sets of colors which can be used on site in form of switches and client makes a choice out of sets of switches shown to be used for site.
Color has its own theory to get noticed when it is been used on screen, for web there are different colors type which is been getting generated through a Hexadecimal value like #000000 represents black color. This is specially used on Website screening colors where it can be seen on screen perfect. So any colors we see on any website except images it is all used with hexadecimal values.
Now in case of scenario where client don’t own his/her branding then we analyze ongoing trends of colors been used for particular business client deals. We prepare custom color switches and represent to client for make a choice to apply on site layout approved in step 1 storyboarding.
Let us see few examples of switches in different business categories: