Design Process Images and Banners

Images and Banners

Site make over beautiful is depending on Images used on header which reflects page and business cloning. Appropriate image linked to business with concept or full image gives beautiful look on page. In normal scenario client needs to provide all images required on respective pages. Which either client need to shoot or acquire from royalty free images website. The choice of image needs to be respected to header image size to suit right proportion display in header.

When client want us to put appropriate images to searched and put it respective page content then we need to download royalty free images which will be additional cost on no. of images downloaded, min. cost falls between $35 - $ 45 per 25 images. With client approval we implement downloaded appropriate images on respective content pages.


Banner has the same concept like images but it is reflecting messages about products or offers provided by client and gives instant access to special offer to visitor. Banners can be image based or animation based where features reflects in animation effects and makes visitor notice and go for it.