Design Process Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Client approval till this stage makes quite good formation of LAYOUT - COLOUR SCHEME - TYPOGRAPHY - LOGO and a website template is ready now. Here in this stage we are developing design concept to be fill into layout. Likely to give boarders, shapes, Menu button effects, Designs to be included to provide perfect look of site according to company branding and present as CORPORATE LOOK.

Depending upon layout distribution initially we decide to fill in gradient colors to suit background for the site, making page center so that it can be display in high resolution in center of browser. Depending upon required resolution we set the main page size where current ongoing trend is to accommodate page in size 1000 px width and 700 px heights, where minimum resolution used on PC in general is 1024 x 768. Setting of resolution is get set in this step to suit site appearance.

Next progress is to give effect to buttons in form of providing gradient or some embossed effect to bring attention of visitor immediately available main topics we have on site through menu buttons. Menu items can be distributed into drop down menu where ever required according to hierarchy decided to be display like when we have roo link About Us and then sub links as profile - history - Careers - Contact under root link.

Next cloning all heading to provide highlighting features like increased font size and making it bold so that all title heading reflects in visitor eyes and can identify topic heading easily. Further standard paragraph setting applied like justify paragraph with spacing required as per demand of look and feel.

Additional effects to add on modules if present like newsletter, news flash, polls, etc. get configured so that all add on modules looks identical and in one style suiting site layout.