Design Process Typography


Web has its own limitation to display different text fonts available all over world, as we can use only fonts universally available on any computer in world. So there are sets of fonts can be used on breitling fake watches websites like Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, Times, serif, Courier, moonscape, Georgia, Verdana, Geneva. These set of fonts can be used universally on part of typography. But we can always put our own choice of font by providing choice like if i want to use Calibri font then i will provide browser to first check Calibri font available on PC operating system and if available then all text will be shown in Calibri fonts, but if not available then look for other standard (universal) choice we have defined in settings.
Typography is just nothing related to fonts but it is how text needs to be represented and give best appearance, readability, clean and effectiveness. Most important part on any website is content of website which is known as KING of site, and if KING is not been given proper attention then site is not rated any importance. So typography is most important section we take care to display text on site in right manner to make text of content to be KING.
Text Appearance

This is to make sense where do we want to fix text alignment wise so that it reflect right sense of content, like align left / center / right / justify
Text Readability

This is to make sense font should not be so small that it becomes strain to eyes so that maintaining size of fonts is important. Another issue about readability need to take care is color of text should be such that it should not annoy eyes to read them and make difficulties in readability.
Text Clean

This is to make sense that character spacing should be such neat that it will reflect straight into client eyes and can read very clearly.
Text effective

This is to make sense that which part of texts needs be get bold or highlighted so that importance of that text catch by Audemars Piguet Replica Watches client immediately.