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Bob, founder, a retired IT Lecturer in a London,UK, college of MeshMedia started this company in 2002, working from his home and a back office Navsari, a small sleepy town in Gujrat in India. The office was his big house in a small village

At that time we started off customizing and configuring JOOMLA, which was at the forefront of websites. He employed a team of web designer programmer and himself been a web administrator and CEO.

From the onset he implemented corporate procedures and working practices to annoying adherence, hourly timesheets in detail to Monday recorded mornings meeting via video conferencing to ensure all stall are treated equally and respectfully.

Apart from giving opportunities in their own fields staff were trained to be managers of their own division.

With annual upward and downward appraisal and setting targets and encouraging and providing state of the art of the day training team remain motivated to this day after 12 years. Bob took team annually on outside city visits for team building also during time every web designer, developer, web administrator, SEO consultant and manager were taught to prepare and deliver lectures in their related subjects.

During one year we invited other web professions in Jaipur to joining some of the lectures and exchanged industry notes. In another had had a visiting client from the UK


  • During our time our manager Mr.Vivek had come to the UK to train to be a minicab operator for Leading Route Cars and subsequently went back to give a 24-hour CALL CENTRE SERVICE solution, basically taking over their entire operation of Leading Route Cars.  During this time we wrote the entire specification of the Booking & Dispatching software and implementing a fully functional system which was then used daily by the call center staff.
  • To this day the same core team works in consultancy to provide web solutions.
  • We are team web consultants working together for years, a successful web solutions specialist having over a decade of experience in WEB DEVELOPMENT, WEB ADMINISTRATION, WEB APPLICATIONS, SEO and MOBILE APPLICATIONS.
  • Built on top of our years of experience adhering to corporate procedures and training (CLIENTS and STAFF) and Embracing New Technology, we combine technology, efficient administration and practicing the highest degree of professionalism and transparency in all our work. In return, our clients also get BEST VALUE FOR MONEY, PEACE OF MIND in our capable hands. The job was done the right first time.

we'll one over 8 Years of experience you always the best guidance

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