So you make a great website – what now?

How will people come to know about your website and what you offer?

Well, you can spread the word about your site and its offerings through word of mouth in Networking Meeting’s or traditional advertising in print media but these are not effective and does not listen far or relevant in today’s digital age. Yesterday’s children (now the target audience) who are now ‘internet children’ or ‘digital children’ invariably use the digital platform, namely, Google, for their goods and services be it ordering a pizza or engaging a solicitor to planning holidays etc.

Well, 90% of users now search by the goods and services they require, on Google.

So now if everyone is searching on Google, but there are hundreds of goods and services then whose will Google Search give a listing.

Maybe everyone whose related website that users submit their ‘phrase’ to Google search, for example- I want driving lesson, need a solicitor, book a holiday. Using this ‘key phrases’ or ‘keywords’ google will list all relevant website offering the  ‘keywords’ offering in a form of listing- called SERP’s SERP refers to a search engine result page – the page that appears with a user’s results when they type a search into Google (or any search engine). Search results are generally triggered by keywords that the user may have included in the query.

Great but a typical SERP list may have over 1,000 – 1 million listings with around 20 listings per page. So there may be 100’s of pages and statistics show that users only view the first-page listing and that to ONLY the first 2 or 3 results from the top of the page.

So unless your company’s listing is on the 1st Page of SERP for a particular ‘keyword phrase’ then no one will look at it to click.

Oh OKAY so how can you ensure that your website entry is appearing on the first page for your chosen keyword. Well that’s the big thing – The million dollar question

Here goes 

Google sends out a program called Google Robots (google bots or crawlers) which scans the entire internet and crawls all the allowable websites and hence all old and updated web pages through every link. Like a high volume novel book with many pages and an index page with keywords to quickly point to the desired page for faster reference, Google crawlers will read and populate every page in the Google Search Engine database and leave a pointer to the page in its Index Data structures for easier retrieval. The similarity between the index page in a book and search engine ends here as Google index data structure is more complex than then to just retrieval of a page, it hosts 100’s of other attributes, like Page Rank etc So the Google robots must use some AI to not only store.

the webpage in the Google search engine but also the QUALITY of the webpages in its Index data structure, this is called INDEXING So every webpage within the search engine has its virtues coded in the corresponding index data structure.So if you want to know whether your site is crawled and indexed you simply type in the URL as site your website url which will display the webpage it has stored in its search engine database but not the corresponding contents in its Index data structure which Google keeps secret. So when a user types a keyword or key phrase query in Google’s Search Console, an algorithm is applied just using the information in the index data structure to determine which webpage comes first and corresponding in SERPs listing.


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