Web Design

Images and Banners

Images supplied by the client or high resolution royalty free images ($35 – $ 45 per 25 images) bought on their behalf has to be customized so it can be blended into the look and feel of the branding.

Banners which are any combination of text, image or video/flash is made by our design team according to specification in the ‘storyboard’

Banners can be a revenue earner for the site.

IMAGES largely determine the look and feel of the site.


Using the approved storyboard in conjunction with Photoshop (Industry standard Design authoring tool) the web page design is created with the color scheme, logo, images and banner that will give the look and feel of the web page to be developed The ‘storyboard’ and prototype are used iteratively by the client, project manager and designer to revise the designs till approved. All revisions are saved and given +1 version number for backward compatibility.
Web Page TemplateThe approved design is finally converted into web template through making CSS style sheet and using Dreamweaver (industry standard Web authoring tool) from which all other internal pages are implemented.

Every web page created is validated code through W3C xml validator and W3C CSS validator to ensure all pages created are compliant to W3 standard.


Text Content material supplied by client is modified by our content writer and SEO strategist to make it Search Engine friendly if required by client.


The web administrator (Testing)

Keeps all the progress of work on the company’s server cartier replica watches.

Using the TEST PLAN and TEST LOG, the tester then checks and records on different browser for compatibility and performance and functionality. These documents are used for quality control between the designers to revise as necessary. The project manager also uses the test documents in the handover document.



Story Boarding

Our visualizer first makes storyboarding on art paper in which he/she defines the place holding for each resource (text, images, video, and links) to be displayed for every page.

All details regarding image name, text size (typography),colour Scheme, video size are indexed at a section in the storyboard.

These storyboards are used iteratively as a working document by the design team and the client for approval of the design.


Design Process Color Scheme

Existing logos or logos made by another 3rd party can be adapted to be used or made by us then blended in with the design Company identity should be such that it can be recognized immediately just by symbol provided in their LOGO. Logo is a symbolic representation of company name, product and service that the company deals in.

The logo has a theme and colors that uniquely identifies them and can be registered and copyright rules apply.

Company’s Logo can be used as branding stamp on stationary printing like visiting cards, Letter head, company envelops and on also on website.


We provide the client with a roadmap including timescales on how to ‘Accept’ the site before handing over the site to them.

The roadmap includes requirements fulfilled by us and the ‘Test Plan’ and ‘Test Log’ to enable the client to systematically check all requirements and functionalities.

The satisfactory completion document signed by the client signifies the total handover to the client and final payment to be made.

HANDOVER PROCESS guides the client to formally ACCEPT the site.

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